User Interface

The main user interface of AEE is categorized into a number of pages, and are

1. Installed Apps

This page will by default load all the installed application on your device. AEE also allow offers a separate view of System and User apps. The following tasks are allowed on this page.

  1. Single click on an icon will load it in full screen. From the newly opened screen, it is also possible to save the same into device storage.
  2. Single click on any other part of an application will open the contents of the installed application in a File Manager and allows users to navigate through its contents.
  3. It is possible to Save/Export individual resource files such as fonts, graphics, binary XML files, etc to device storage.
  4. AEE even allow users to Delete or Replace original resource files of an APK.
  5. It is also possible to edit text/binary XML files using an in-built text editor (disabled by default in the Settings menu).
  6. Finally, AEE offers the generation of a signed (with AEE custom key) APK's/App Bundles after the above-mentioned modifications.
  7. Alternately, long clicking on an entry on the main screen will allow users to simply export (with or without signing with AEE custom key) APK's/App bundles into device storage.

2. Projects

This page lists all the applications (including the uninstalled ones) that are already explored from the first page, provided the user decided to retain the explored data upon asking (app will prompt when closing a project). This page also allows almost all the tasks that are available in the previous page. Additionally, long-clicking an item on this page will allow making a copy of the entire project folder of the selected app into device storage.

3. Extracted APK’s

This page lists all the APK's/App bundles created on the first page. Various tasks that are allowed on this page are

  1. Install an exported resigned APK/Split APK's by single clicking.
  2. Share an exported resigned APK by long clicking.

Additionally, this page is also equipped with a feature-rich APK/Split APK/App bundle installer. AEE Split APK installer now handles normal APK's, split APK's as well as xapk, apks and apkm app bundles. In order to initialize an installation, simply click the installer button on the top to select the installation file(s) and follow onscreen instructions.

4. About

Shows very basic information about the development of this project. It includes links to visit the source code of AEE, Telegram support group etc.

5. Settings

The Settings menu of AEE is bundled with a number of options including,

  1. Choose the default action when Exiting a Project & Exporting and Installing APK's.
  2. Chose the export path for non-APK files.
  3. Enable or Disable Text Editor etc.
  4. Configure APK signing.

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