Welcome to the home page of APK Explorer & Editor (AEE)

APK Explorer & Editor (AEE), includes a set of open-source tools mainly designed to check out what's inside installed APK's, is strictly made with an aim to inspect an installed APK file. Additionally, AEE offers a feature-rich APK/Split APK's/App bundle installer which allows users to pick and install files from device storage.


  1. A beautifully designed list view of installed applications.
  2. Explore and navigate through the contents of an installed application.
  3. Export and easily manage (install, share etc.) APK’s/Split APK’s into device storage.
  4. Includes a feature-rich APK/Split APK/App bundle installer (easily pick and install files from device storage)
  5. Easily extract an app icon by single-clicking on it.
  6. It is also possible to edit text/binary XML files using an in-built text editor (disabled by default in the Settings menu).
  7. Provides basic information about important resource files.
  8. View graphics, texts, binary XML, and many more.
  9. Save/Export individual resource files to device storage.
  10. Delete or replaces resources.
  11. Create signed APK’s/App Bundles after the above-mentioned processes.
  12. Resign APK’s/bundles with AEE custom key.
  13. Elegantly designed user interface with an auto-dark/light theme.
  14. A lot more.